Sahaja collective O2 concentrators to Indian SY centers

JAI SHRI MATAJI We are all concerned about the Covid-19 situation in India and praying to our Divine Mother that the situation will become better soon. In the last few weeks, a few asian collectives starting with Thailand, Hong Kong and China worked together to finance, buy and ship Oxygen concentrators to help all the Sahaj collectives across India. A small team in India is helping us to import those medical equipment and to ensure the India centers are well organised for these collective machines to be managed once they arrive as collective assets and provide assistance to yogis at need in their center on a daily basis Please forgive us if any change in information given as this is complex to ship medical equipment across borders during lockdown. We are trying to provide all necessary information below on daily basis - however we would like everyone to keep in mind those are tentative information until the machines are confirmed received in each SY centers Upon landing in I